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Widewaters Learning Center believes:

That a quality early childhood education creates the foundation for future learning successes.

That learning to communicate with peers within a structured environment, and on a social level, is necessary for young children.

That respect for self, others, and the environment is something that is taught and earned. Learned at an early age, this provides children with the tools they need to be a contributing member of a larger community.

That young children learn through experience and hands-on activities.

That teachers at the preschool level should facilitate, not dictate.

That children should be guided toward positive decisions and choices, and self-esteem should flourish.

That children should be nurtured and made to feel special. They should be recognized as an individual, not only as part of a larger group.

That our school is an extension of the home. Parents, teachers, and administrators must work together to create a warm, comfortable, academic environment for all children in attendance.

That each lesson each day should benefit the child's social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth.

That learning should be fun.


To provide children with a safe, stimulating, nurturing environment.

To create an environment that encourages independence and good decision-making.

To provide children with experiences that promote positive growth and high self-esteem.

To provide children with a foundation with which they can build future successes.

To successfully blend school, family, and community.

To enable children to interact and solve conflicts with peers in a positive way.

To instil a love of learning through meaningful and fun lessons.

To guide each child to develop a sense of social and personal responsibility.

To expose children to and involve them in the arts and multicultural activities.

To provide experiences that enhance creativity.

To provide a curriculum that is well-defined and caters to individual learning styles.

To employ teachers who teach and model respect and positive emotional, social, intellectual, and physical traits.

To help each child find happiness and satisfaction in his/her accomplishments.

To aid each child in the development of fine and gross motor skills.

To respond to the needs of families and provide opportunities for parent education.

To respond to the needs of the community and display a commitment to community efforts.

To provide children with a sense of belonging and well-being, and a love for learning that will continue throughout their school years.

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